August 17, 2014

august teardrops

W's chicken house after yet another downpour...
when will it finally stop raining, sigh

August 14, 2014


I was repotting some sedum burrito sprouts for a friend;
it's a very fragile plant; at the slightest touch the leaves fall off,
but the good thing is that the plant is very easy to propagate; every single leave from a sedum produces a plant, so I always throw the loose leaves again in the pot and nothing is wasted

sedum burrito sprout
more sprouts at my flickr pages
miniature plant propagation techniques

got some zebra grass from mom's garden

August 12, 2014


this is all that's left of the staghorn fern; not much really, only the basal fronts
but I like the shape, despite it's sad end
the fern was my oldest plant, you can see him here at the very beginning, I had just started blogging
it all seems so long ago :)

and the fern in better days 
good night & sweet dreams!

July 31, 2014


I've made a second flowered garden cushion; I think I'm going to call this series 'Millefleurs', after the millefleur tapestries which I really admire.
millefleurs & more treasures
the first one

July 28, 2014

country life

I've spend some time in the countryside, it always feels good;
working with clay gives a good feeling too :)
these small jars are not really worth to show, but I do it anyway
they still need to be baked & glazed

drinking bees again, they're so funny!

July 24, 2014

about bees

bees need to drink once in a while; an upside sinc bucket with a little water is fine as a watering place so they can't drown
read more about water collection by honey bees

July 22, 2014


wild angelica

and wild carrot

July 19, 2014

July 16, 2014


we went to our first ceramic class today and had a good time, but our 'creations' need to be fired and glazed yet, so I can't show anything now;
the painted pebbles come from a 70's craft book
and the beetle on top is a Oiceoptoma thoracicum, aka red breasted beetle

sweet dreams :)